Handcrafted Mantels and Stove Pads

MagraHearth Products

Surround your fireplace with the natural beauty of wood or stone. MagraHearth products are designed to withstand the heat of your modern fireplace without compromising on style.


MagraHearth's industry-first, non-combustible mantels divert heat away from TVs, electronics or artworks that sit above the fireplace. The resilient concrete material used to craft each mantel forms an effective heat barrier even to items sitting directly on the mantel, allowing the mantels to be installed lower and closer to the fireplace than their real wood or stone counterparts. Available in various standard sizes depending on finish.


Extend the beauty and functionality of your fireplace into your room with noncombustible, handmade and hand-finished concrete hearthstone. Available in chiseled stone or barnwood board finishes, Magra hearths add rustic elegance that reflects warmth and perfectly complements your mantel and surround.


Choose between the authentic look of a three-piece post-and-beam surround based on hand-hewn and mortised barn beams, or achieve a contemporary feel with wallboard fashioned after reclaimed barn wood. MagraHearth post-and-beam surrounds come either plain or mortised and includes our largest hand-hewn mantel. Both options are available in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses to accommodate a range of applications around fireplace hot zones.

Stove Pads

Protect your walls and floor while giving freestanding stoves an eye-catching backdrop with MagraHearth noncombustible, handmade stove pads. The stove pads come in two handsome barn wood finishes for flat surfaces and corners, in several dimensions and each two inches thick to provide maximum heat reflection and surface protection. For larger applications, extend your stove pad with a matching pad extension board.

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