Luxury From a New Perspective

Transform your existing hearth with a Mendota gas fireplace insert. Whether you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your space or the performance of your current fireplace, a Mendota gas fireplace insert is the upgrade your home needs. Inserts are ideal for homeowners who want to update the style and function of their current fireplace without undertaking an extensive home renovation. While some manufacturers’ inserts fit awkwardly into existing fireplaces, Mendota’s handcrafted gas fireplace inserts integrate seamlessly without sacrificing quality or aesthetic. Enjoy years of luxurious living with a stunning, warming focal point while adding equity to your home.

FullView Inserts

Enjoy floor to ceiling views with a viewing window that’s 33% larger than other models,­­ maximizing the visual impact of your fireplace. We’ve accomplished this by removing the glass grilles and the raised platform typical of most inserts, resulting in our most true-to-form vision of a real wood-burning fireplace.

See the flame in action

  • FV44i FullView

    Beautiful and highly efficient, the FV44i FullView gas fireplace insert has a large viewing area that is ideal for taking in the realistic log fire. Its size and generous heat output make it a particularly good choice for large rooms or rooms with tall ceilings or lots of windows.

  • FV44i Timberline/Décor

    The FV44i Timberline/Décor gas fireplace insert becomes whatever you want it to be — from simple and understated to bold and dramatic. No matter whether you choose a traditional log set or contemporary media, it will always be a smart alternative to your existing woodburning fireplace.

  • FV33i FullView

    Perfectly sized to fit smaller fireplace openings, the FV33i FullView gas fireplace insert still provides a viewing area that's 30% larger than comparably sized insert designs. The FV33i FullView is fully customizable with your choice of fronts, liners and log sets. 

  • FV33i Timberline/Décor

    The FV33i Timberline/Décor has a viewing area that's 30% larger than comparably sized insert designs in a footprint that fits comfortably in smaller fireplace openings. Choose from traditional, handcrafted log sets or contemporary media such as glass, rocks and marble to match your design style.

  • FV32i FullView

    The FV32i is specifically designed to fit zero-clearance fireboxes, while still providing up to 30% more viewing area than comparably sized inserts. Its tapered back and small flue vents help it fit into tighter places. And with 78% efficiency rating, it’s one of the most efficient gas fireplace inserts.

D Series Inserts

With two sizes to fit most existing wood-burning fireplaces, the D-Series insert installs seamlessly to instantly elevate your space. Retrofitting with the D-Series improves the cleanliness, efficiency and heating potential of existing fireplaces with a sealed combustion chamber and direct vent technology that better manages the flow of hot and cold air.

See the flame in action

  • D40

    The D40 gas fireplace insert is designed to fit easily into large, traditional fireplaces. The D40 offers infinite flame/heat adjustment and won't let you down, continuing to work even in a power outage. It has the warmth and beauty of a wood fire with the added advantage of operating with clean, convenient gas.

  • D30

    The D30 gas fireplace insert is a compact and reliable choice to provide clean, efficient heat in a relatively small space. With infinite flame and heat adjustments, the D30 will continue to run even in a power outage.