Ignite Your Inspiration

When you install a Mendota gas fireplace or fireplace insert, you get an elegant, functional piece of art that becomes the focal point of any room. With endless design options, you can create your own sophisticated statement piece that matches your aesthetic. Customize the shape, size, front, doors, log set or base, linings and more for a lifetime of comfort.

Our bold, trendy yet timeless design options help you design a fireplace that matches your style. Whether you’re building or remodeling a home, installing a new fireplace or renovating an existing fireplace with one of our gas inserts, use this lookbook to spark inspiration.

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Make the fireplace a stunning statement piece in your dream home. When you’re ready to build or renovate your home with a beautiful new Mendota Hearth gas fireplace, find an authorized Mendota Hearth fireplace dealer near you to take the next steps. Mendota Hearth’s network of fireplace dealers in the United States and Canada can help you determine the right fit for your home and install your new fireplace or service an existing fireplace.