Mendota® Heat Transfer Systems

With your Mendota gas fireplace, you have the best choice of heat management solutions for your home. Mendota Heat Transfer Systems take heat from your fireplace and move it where you want—and it all happens hidden from sight within your walls.

Mendota Cool Wall

Mendota Cool Wall redistributes warm air above the fireplace to take heat off of walls and nearby areas—while the firebox still delivers focused warmth. Plus, create even more design possibilities for your home with the option to place your TV or artwork as close as 15" above the fireplace.*

Cool Wall

*NOTE: Running the convection fans will increase wall temperature. The TV can be mounted as low as 15" above the fireplace with the convection fans turned OFF. To use fans with Mendota Cool Wall installed, ensure your TV or decorations are placed 24" or more above the fireplace.


Versiheat moves a portion of heat to the rooms you use most. Warm air travels up to 25' from the fireplace through ducts with their own blowers and thermostats. Mendota fireplaces can use up to two Versiheat kits to transfer heat to up to two other rooms on the same floor, upstairs or downstairs.



With the most air flow capacity, FlexHeat redirects heat to another room or even outside—so you can use your fireplace in the summer or warm climates without unwanted heat. Specific Mendota fireplaces can use a FlexHeat kit to transport up to 95% of convection heat to where you want it.


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