Frame Your Fire in Style

An unforgettable fire is only part of the Mendota® fireplace experience. There's also the excitement of choosing the perfect front, doors and accessories to add just the right touch to your special room. Mendota lets you frame your fire with designs and finishes that match your décor and enhance your unique style.

Endless versatility. Enduring beauty.

Nothing defines luxury as gorgeously as a Mendota fireplace. Your Mendota fireplace—with the hand-picked details that reflect your taste, your home, your personality. Use our online fireplace design tool to combine fronts and doors and more just the way you want.

Winthrop Cast Iron Front
Fits: Greenbriar

The classic charm of cast iron surrounds your hearth with strength without overpowering the room.

Extruded detailing adds depth and dimension to the matte black finish to further enhance this front’s authentic styling.

Ashton Metal Front
Fits: Greenbriar

This front’s simple, sophisticated lines offset the Greenbriar’s dramatic Georgian arch.

Add intrigue with an optional Madrigal filigree overlay. Overlays attach to the Ashton metal front and are available in five coordinating finishes.

Huntington Metal Doors
Fits: Greenbriar

Operable doors are a classic way to complete your hearth and enjoy the beautiful fire.

Huntington metal doors must be installed in conjunction with either the Ashton metal front or Winthrop cast iron front.

Hanover Cast Iron Front
Fits: Chelsea

A hint of columns and a detailed leaf garland add a classically Roman feel to this cast iron front.

Fine detailing and quality craftsmanship transform rugged cast iron into an elegant frame for the Chelsea fire.

Ashton Metal Front
Fits: Chelsea

The arched design takes center stage set against the Ashton metal front’s streamlined styling.

Notice how the detailing of the Madrigal filigree overlay lends beauty and depth to the Ashton metal front. Overlay also available in five finishes.

Cambridge Metal Doors
Fits: Chelsea

Equally handsome when open or closed, Cambridge metal doors frame your fire in classic style.

Also available in Colonial cast iron finish. Doors must be installed with an Ashton metal front or Hanover cast iron front.

Andover Doors
Fits: DXV Series, All Inserts

Gracefully arched screened doors create the illusion of a traditional woodburning fireplace.

Optional lattice overlays in five finishes can be selected to complement or contrast with Andover’s black doors on select models.

Bentley Doors
Fits: DXV Series (except DXV42), FullView, FullView Décor,
All Inserts

Elegant arched doors create a regal, stately presence.

Bentley’s precision beveled edges and heavy steel construction is available in your choice of rich finishes.

Homestead Doors
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

Enhance your flames with the simplicity and quality that are hallmarks of farmhouse style.

Subtle corner details accentuate a traditional steel finish in your choice of colors.

Pioneer Firescreen Doors
Fits: DXV35 DT4, DXV45 DT4,
All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

Enjoy traditional woodburning ambiance with contemporary twin firescreen doors.

A modern take on traditional drape pull firescreens, evoking a comforting glow for any mood or season.

Prairie Doors
Fits: DXV Series, All Inserts

Strong horizontal lines capture the style of famous American prairie architects.

Add color and depth with optional lattice overlays in five finishes on select models. Overlays simply attach to your Prairie doors.

Willow Doors
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

Precision-cut steel and graceful curves create a balance of thick and thin, strength and comfort.

Inspired by the sweeping branches of the weeping willow in your choice of finishes.

Deerfield Front
Fits: DXV Series, D-40 Insert

Add dignity to any room with this timeless design.

The vintage cast scrolls on the Deerfield front have long been considered a symbol of warmth and hospitality.

Grace Arch Front
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

The inherent elegance of Grace’s arched design is available in both wide and narrow styles.

Double the style quotient by layering wide and narrow fronts in your choice of finishes, including Aged Leather or Hammered Leather.

Grace Front
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

Explore the many faces of Grace by choosing your width, finish and options for a custom look.

Layer a narrow front over a wide—or for more impact add optional Hammered Leather accent corners, accent bars or dome rivets.

Millennia Front
Fits: DXV Series, D Series Inserts

Modern styling creates a sleek and highly polished appearance for your hearth.

Color choices include black, full brass, classic brass and hi-polish silver (classic brass and hi-polish silver not available for DXV60).

Stella Front
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

The Stella fireplace front greets you with an adoring spirit every time you sit in front of the fire.

Overlapping geometric shapes create a focal point for the flames without overpowering the hearth.

Traditions Arch Front
Fits: FV41 Arch Fireplaces

Enjoy the beauty of your arched fireplace framed in the versatile elegance of our Traditions Arch front.

Make your Traditions Arch front uniquely you with your choice of five beautiful finishes.

Traditions Front
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

Strong and simple, the Traditions front grounds your fireplace as the center of your household.

Choose one of five sleek finishes and complete the look with optional black riveted accent corners.

Tuscany Front
Fits: DXV Series, D-40 Insert

The Tuscany 24k gold plated front features a beautiful floral and grape design.

Evoking the comforting ambiance of a sunny Tuscan vineyard, this front is available in black, black onyx, antique copper and gold.

Victoria Front
Fits: DXV Series, D Series Inserts

Set a romantic mood with this beautifully detailed Victorian style filigree front.

Inspired by ornate homes of days gone by featuring elaborate trim and intricate detail. Available in black and gold finishes.

Willowbrook Arch Front
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts

Add a touch of sweeping elegance with the Willowbrook\'s arched top and intricate corners.

This front can be layered with a Wide Grace Arch front in contrasting or complementary colors.

Willowbrook Front
Fits: All FullView & FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts, FullView Décor Linear

This front\'s contemporary point of view is softened by the gently curved accent lines.

Particularly suited for the linear models, it can also be paired or layered with Grace.

Fireplaces, interior linings, and front and door finishes are subject to change and some options may only be available for select models. Check with your dealer for complete availability.

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