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What goes into the making of a handcrafted log set?

Inside each Mendota fireplace, you’ll see precisely carved, hand-painted log sets that capture the beauty and serenity of a true, wood-burning fire. And behind each log set design is a generation of research and artistry.

An artisan intricately carves a Mendota log prototype.


We go directly to the forest and select real wood logs for inspiration. But we don’t stop there. Our engineers and craftsmen study the unique characteristics of each wood species during a natural fire to determine the most appealing burning stage. Capturing the essence of a natural fire takes creativity, patience, and a strong commitment to achieving excellence.

Each log has a precise location, a specific angle, and color palette designed to provide a stunning view from every direction. Once a real wood log has been selected for reproduction, sketches are created and refined, then a prototype is molded and carved. No detail in the process is overlooked—we inspect the bark pattern, grain and hand-apply coloring. Only then, will a log set be worthy of the Mendota name.

Each log set is thoughtfully arranged to ensure the truest replica of a real burning fire.


Superior design is everything. When a hand-crafted Mendota log set is designed to our exact specifications, you can be assured every detail of every log has been carefully considered, to create the perfect realistic view from any angle.

Creating handmade log sets is not just a manufacturing process to us, it’s a passion we’ve perfected. We focus our commitment for gas fireplace realism on the combination of texture, color, and arrangement to bring your fire to life.

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