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Picture This!

Thinking about installing a new fireplace, or swapping out your old wood burning unit for a clean burning gas insert? There’s a lot to consider, from choosing the right trim and finish, to finding the perfect firebase to complement your design. Luckily, Mendota makes it easy to narrow down your search and find the perfect unit for your family.

Mendota’s new “Picture It” mobile app helps you envision how a new Mendota Hearth fireplace or fireplace insert will look in your home. Free to install and easy-to-use, our new app helps you:

  • Test out different fireplace designs in the space of your choice.
  • Save your favorite designs so you can compare and contrast looks.
  • Search for an Authorized Mendota Hearth Dealer near you to get your project started. 

 How It Works

1. Download the “Mendota Picture It” app on your mobile device through the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users).

2. Open the app and select “Choose Your Fireplace” on the home screen to begin.

3. Under “Choose a Fireplace Category,” select the product line you’d like to see in your home. From here you can browse popular models and test out different design combinations.

4. Now it’s time to see what your new Mendota Hearth fireplace will look like in your home. Use your phone’s camera to drag your fireplace to the desired location. Using pinch-to-zoom gestures, you can resize the fireplace. When you’re ready, press “Done” to snap a picture and save it to “My Photos.”

5. Once you’ve had a chance to test out a few different combinations and locations, and you’ve found your favorite look, click on “Find a Dealer” to locate an authorized Mendota Hearth Dealer near you and get your project started.

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