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What Is a Fireplace Insert?

Whether your house is new and contemporary, or old and traditional, there’s one feature every homeowner relies on to make their space feel warm and inviting: a fireplace. But if your fireplace is dated, dirty or dysfunctional, you subtract from the overall look of your home and miss out on the benefits.

Thankfully, if you’re looking to replace an existing fireplace, you don’t need to start from scratch. A gas insert will help you save on costs, cut installation time and allow you to use the structures you already have in place to support your new gas fireplace.

What exactly is a fireplace insert?

A gas insert is a fireplace that fits neatly into your existing unit using a flexible vent kit. An insert offers sealed combustion, improving the efficiency of your fireplace by closing gaps and sealing drafts, in addition to burning cleaner.

Insert or full replacement?

While most gas and wood-burning fireplaces can be furnished with a modern insert, sometimes a full replacement is needed.

If you are remodeling for aesthetic purposes and there is already an existing fireplace (gas or wood), the dimensions are similar, and the chimney or vent is still functional, an insert will likely be the most cost-friendly solution.

However, if you are changing the location of your fireplace or replacing structural elements (like the chimney or vent), a full replacement may be a better option. Talk to an authorized Mendota Hearth dealer to find out if a fireplace insert is the right choice for your home.


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