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5 Easy Steps to Customize Your Mendota Fireplace

Building a new house? Remodeling? Just want to upgrade your outdated fireplace? Get exactly what you’re looking for with a customizable fireplace that feels like it was made for your home.

With Mendota Hearth’s “Design Your Fireplace” feature, you can build the perfect fireplace for your space in just five easy steps:

1.  Choose your model.

Choose a traditional fireplace with standard dimensions or one of our Linear models to find the right shape and size for your living space. Fireplace inserts are available if you’re updating, rather than replacing, an existing fireplace. This is a popular option for those who want to swap out their outdated wood-burning model, but want to keep the same dimensions.

2.  Choose a front or doors.

Here is where most of the customization takes place. Choose your favorite style, then select your finish – most models are available in black, antique copper, brushed chrome, Swedish nickel or vintage iron. A few of our models have additional finishes to choose from, including brass, gold, silver, gunmetal, aged leather, and cast iron.

3.  Choose additional options.

Some models allow you to choose your firebase. Most traditional units allow you to choose from three different log styles, while our Linear and Décor units have four log styles and several firebase options to choose from.  Popular firebase options include glass cubes and beads, driftwood, forest oak, natural river rock, and tumbled white marble.

Some models also give you the option to add embellishments to the front of your hearth, like corner accents, rivets, accent bars, andirons, and filigree overlays.

4.  Choose your interior lining.

The lining of your fireplace will have a big impact on the design of the room it occupies. It can make it feel cozy or modern; other times it’s less noticeable in order to accentuate the flames. Lining options include black and metallic toned reflective lining, brick, herringbone, Milano tile or limestone.

5.  Choose a room scene.

Choose a room scene to help you visualize how your custom fireplace will look in your home. See what it looks like in a traditional, transitional, or contemporary setting.

Once you’ve found the model and settings you love, save your specs by sending them to your email or printing them off. Keep the specs handy and take them to an authorized Mendota Hearth dealer who can help bring your new design to life.

It’s easy to locate a dealer in your area. Click on the “Find a Dealer” tab on the Mendota Hearth website and search using your zip code, or by clicking on your location on the map.

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