Four FullView Models Available

Every look at your Mendota FullView gas fireplace reminds you of why you chose the best. And with a choice of four sizes and rectangular and arched fireboxes, you're certain to find the Mendota FullView fireplace that fits your room and your heating needs. Contact your Authorized Mendota Dealer today for more information and expert assistance.


You can't help but notice this fireplace's huge 1,068 sq. in. viewing area, making this the perfect statement fireplace for larger spaces. Outfitted with efficient BurnGreen™ technology and offering a heat output of 45,500 to 13,450 BTUH, the spectacular FullView flames dance and flicker through a 19-piece custom log set, hand molded from actual field logs to capture every intricate detail.

FV46 Specs

FV41 Arch

The FV41 Arch continues the FullView series' clean-face point of view, with minimal exposed metal and no telltale louvers or raised platform. But instead of a rectangular firebox, the arched glass of the FV41 Arch makes the already expansive viewing area feel even larger—ultimately offering a better view of the award-winning Mendota fire.

FV41 Arch Specs


Delivering the same realistic FullView wood log fire beauty and ambiance as the larger FV46 above, the FV41 offers a generous 775 sq. in. viewing area in a size that suits almost any room. Stay cozy with a heat output of 40,000 to 13,000 BTUH, and satisfy your desire for style with a complete collection of fronts, doors and interior linings that fit the FV41 fireplace—and your home—like a glove.

FV41 Specs


Smaller rooms, rejoice—the FV34 offers everything homeowners love about Mendota FullView fireplaces but with a compact profile and moderate heat output that's just right for smaller spaces. Clocking in at a cozy but comfortable 32,000 to 9,260 BTUH, this is the most efficient performer in the FullView line with a 77.4% efficiency rating.

FV34 Specs

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