Choose from many beautiful options.

Mendota fireplace accessories are crafted with the same attention to detail and lasting quality as the rest of our hearth products. Accessory options range from stylish choices of interior linings to decorative andirons that add character to your hearth to hand-held remotes that put you in complete control of your comfort.

Interior Linings

Distinctive interior linings make your Mendota fireplace as engaging to look at when the fire's off
as when it's on.


Fire Base

Exciting fire base options ranging from natural river rock to glass fire stones let you customize your FullView Décor fireplace or FullView Décor fireplace insert.


Optional Custom Andirons

Complement the authentic look of your fireplace with decorative andirons created especially for the FullView, FullView Décor, Greenbriar and Chelsea fireplaces.



A remote control lets you adjust your Mendota gas fireplace or insert with just a touch of a button, without ever leaving your favorite chair. The optional wall mounted control offers easy heat adjustment.

Gas fireplace remote control

Remote Control
Optional on Chelsea,
DXV60, DXV42, DXV35 TF &
Greenbriar Fireplaces,
D Series Inserts
Gas fireplace remote control

Remote Control
for BurnGreen™ System

Standard on all FullView Fireplaces & Inserts, FullView Décor Fireplaces & Inserts, Optional on DXV35 DT3 and DXV45 DT3 Fireplaces
Gas fireplace thermostat

Wall Mounted Control
Optional on Chelsea,
DXV60, DXV42, DXV35 TF &
Greenbriar Fireplaces,
D Series Inserts

Remote and wall controls give you convenient access to the following features:

On/Off: Turns the flames on and off
Fan Speed: Lets you adjust the pace at which warm air circulates into the room
Rear Burner On/Off: Gives you rear burner control on dual burner models
Temp Readout: Maintains your desired room temperature by automatically turning the
hearth system on and off
Timer Mode: Automatically shuts off the flames at a preset time of your choosing
AC/Battery: Operates using either AC electric or DC battery power
(all controls work in parallel with analog controls mounted inside
each fireplace; the analog controls serve as a backup in the event
of power outages or if batteries fail; fan and accent light will not work
without power)
In addition, remote controls for models with the BurnGreen™ system also offer:
IPI Feature: Turns the pilot on and off
Heat Output: Provides six step adjustment of the heat output
Aux (Accent Light): Turns the FireLight accent lighting system on and off

Check with your Authorized Mendota Dealer to find out which control options are available for your Mendota gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert.


Heat Management

Mendota's heat management options allow you to redirect the heat from your fireplace to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

This exclusive system allows you to save energy, turn down your central heating, and keep you and the rooms you use most pleasantly warm when it's cold outside.

Heat is transported from the sealed firebox of your fireplace through Versiheat ducts equipped with their own blowers and thermostats. Each Versiheat kit can transport heat up to 25' away, and the ducts can run horizontally or vertically (to a room on the same floor or a room upstairs or downstairs from your fireplace). You decide where the heat is transferred, and you decide how warm you want the selected rooms to be. Up to two Versiheat kits will work with selected fireplaces.

Heat Transfer System
This system allows you to not only direct the heat from your Mendota fireplace to other areas of your home, but also to direct undesired heat out of your home completely.

With the Heat Transfer System, you can enjoy the ambiance of a traditional fireplace in the summer months or in a warm climate without heating up your home. Each kit can extract up to 95% of the heat generated by the fireplace and transfer it through ducts to the desired location. Up to two Heat Transfer System kits can be installed in specific Mendota fireplaces.

Ask your Authorized Mendota Dealer if Versiheat or a Heat Transfer System is an option for you.

Note: The snapdisc blower activation thermostat supplied with the Versiheat kit can only be installed on DXV35 TimberFire, DXV42 TimberFire, DXV60, DXV35 DT4 (PF1 or PF2) and DXV45 DT4 (PF1 or PF2) models. The snapdisc thermostat CANNOT be installed on M50, FV34, FV41, FV41 Arch, FV41 DKOR, FV46, ML39 DKOR or ML47 DKOR models.

Special note for PF2 equipped models: The remote Millivolt wall thermostat CANNOT be installed on any PF2 electronic ignition control equipped models including DXV35 DT4 LX, DXV45 DT4 LX, FV34, FV41, FV41 Arch, FV41 DKOR, FV46, ML39 DKOR or ML47 DKOR.

The Finishing Fireplace Touch

You've selected the Mendota fireplace that's perfect for your room based on size and desired heat output, and picked out just the right combination of fronts and doors. Now it's time to add the finishing touch with options and accessories that complete your Mendota fireplace experience.

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